Security Features For All Products

Highly Durable UPVC

The UPVC used to make our frames is highly durable due to the construction: with 3-chambers, the profile allows separate drainage and reinforcement. Front to back the frame profile measures 70mm* (*Patio door profile is 65mm.) The uPVC system is also bevelled to provide a slimmer, more attractive look finished with an ogee moulded internal bead as standard.

Internal Security Beading

Newell Glass & Locks Ltd installs internally beaded windows: the beading that secures the glass into place is on the inside of the frame, it cannot be removed from the outside making our windows very secure.

Fully welded frame

Newell uPVC frames are fully welded. This provides integral strength to the frame and no water can enter into the joints.

(Many window frames are still manufactured using only mechanical joins; the ‘nuts and bolts’ method: this can often lead to the frame being less strong and cause points of weakness.) 

Full 28mm double-glazing

Newell windows products hold full 28mm double-glazing units. This creates a 20mm air-gap to improve thermal and noise insulation as well as combating condensation.

Weatherproof gasket

All frames from Newell are internally beaded. This means that the beading that secures the glass into place is located on the inside of the frame and cannot be removed from the outside – helping to make Visage® one of the most secure systems on the market.

The black seal on a uPVC frame, circled opposite, is called ‘gasket’ and ensures excellent weatherproofing. Also, as it is integrated with the glazing bead reduces the ‘black-line’ effect. 

Galvanised steel reinforcement

In areas deemed necessary, our frames are reinforced with galvanised steel. As well as providing extra strength in wind-loading situations, the steel reinforcement stops any expansion or contraction problems that may otherwise occur in the future.

Features Unique To Windows


Shootbolt locks

Shootbolt locks are solid, bi-directional locking bolts which anchor the opening window sash securely into the top and bottom of the frame to ensure that the vent receives all-round protection.

The shootbolt is manufactured from high quality steel, protected with a galvanised zinc coating and chromatised for additional protection and maximum operational life.

Espagnolette rollers

These are 2 adjustable rollercams operated automatically when opening and closing the window sash. They provide compression to ensure a secure and effective weatherproof seal all around the window sash.

One-piece keeps

The keep is the part which the rollercams and shootbolts position into. It secures the opening sash to the outer frame of the window.


Our windows also come with a ‘night-vent’ position, as standard, which means you can ensure ventilation whilst the window is locked but slightly open.


Newell windows use a hinge which fixed to both the vertical and horizontal axis of the uPVC. The metal end-cap has been designed to guide the locking point into place providing a firm weather-tight seal.

Locking handle

The Newell Glass & Locks window handle has a stylish shape which suits all properties, whether traditional or modern. It has a solid-feel grip and an oval button for easy of use. The handle locks the frame in place and can be further secured by the key.

Window handles are manufactured from durable zinc alloy, the handle is subjected to rigorous tests and is made to the relevant British Standards.

Features Unique To Doors (including French doors)



Hookbolts are so-named due to their unusual shape. It is this shape which makes them so effective. The top and bottom hookbolts face inwards, towards the centre of the door preventing it from being lifted up or down. The hookbolts also have a deep 28mm engagement into the door frame providing a secure hold.


The rollers smoothly guide the lock into position enabling the hookbolts to secure into place. Just as important, the rollers force the door against the frame providing excellent compression and a fully weatherproof seal.

Stainless steel door lock


The Visage® lock is manufactured in stainless steel which means it is highly corrosion resistant. In coastal areas this is of particular benefit: you can rely on the mechanism to provide consistent smooth operation time and time again.

Door Hinges

Valmar doors have powerful hinges. fitted as standard which are fully adjustable: they withstand both tensile and excessive pressure forces.

Features Unique To Patio Doors


Internal sliding door

The door slides to the inside of the for additional security

Steel track and roller

The sliding mechanism is manufactured from corrosion resistant steel ensuring a smooth, gliding action, first time, every time.

Steel reinforcement

Visage® patio doors are fully reinforced, as standard. This gives extra strength in load-bearing situations.

The steel reinforcement also stops any expansion or contraction of the patio door.