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The Newell Glass & Locks offers a fast response mobile car key programming service with vehicle locksmiths covering the whole of London and the Home Counties. It just takes one phone call. Every van is fully equipped with all the latest machinery to repair and replace lost or broken car keys and our locksmiths have the specialist skills and equipment required for transponder key programming. We can get you back on the road in no time at all and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! It doesn’t even have to be an emergency!

Exactly what is a transponder key?


In layman’s terms, a transponder key is a manufactured accessory that comes with a car and provides the radio transmission link between the car and the key. It means that a key can be programmed to start one specific, individual car thereby reducing opportunities for theft. Without its transponder key, a car can’t be driven. 

Does every car have an immobiliser?

In most modern cars the transponder chip is incorporated into the top of the car key. Since 1995 it has been a legal requirement for vehicles to be fitted with an immobiliser system for which a transponder key is required. It is in the form of a microchip that contains a serial number that the car manufacturer’s key programmer has made unique to that key.


When inserted into the ignition, the key transmits an electronic request to the engine control units (ECU) and the immobiliser box, which then allow the car to start. If the car doesn’t recognize the serial number as the one it was programmed with, it won’t respond to the message and the car won’t start.


The transponder key science bit sounds complicated but at least you know that this wireless, electronic communication between car and key only takes milliseconds yet its failure to operate can cause one expensive headache UNLESS… know how to contact The Auto Locksmith.

You don’t need to go back to the dealer, have the car towed anywhere – in fact, you don’t have to worry. One phone call and you can put your mind at rest as The Auto Locksmith will come to you and take care of the rest. We offer car key programming for the majority of vehicles on the road and are often called upon by organisations like The AA, RAC and Green Flag to assist.

If you are buying a car it will include a transponder key so you should ensure that you get at least two keys. Sometimes keys are lost, so having a second validly, programmed transponder key is important. If you buy a car second hand and it only comes with one key, it is recommended that you get a duplicate car key cut. All you have to do is call The Auto Locksmith and we will create a replacement key incorporating a transponder chip that is correctly coded to your car. No time required in having to find a garage– our vehicle locksmith expert comes to you.

Be car security aware

The technology involved in programming keys to specific cars has led many vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies to consider cars with transponder keys to be virtually theft-proof, but they’re not. If you know that your car keys have been stolen, make Newell Glass & Locks your second call after the police. Even without having the actual key, The Auto Locksmith can erase the transponder serial numbers logged in your car, ensuring that the thief with your keys won’t be able to steal your car! We can then cut you a replacement car key and program them to your car to ensure a perfect communication between car and key.


Newell Glass & Locks phone numbers should be kept close to hand – take a moment and list 020 8952 1634

Lost car keys

We offer the most affordable car key service in London

Why let lost car keys ruin your day, when Newell Glass & Locks is only a phone call away – 020 8952 1634

We offer a super fast service for dealing with all types of lost car key situations in and around London. Newell Glass & Locks are a unique mobile service specialising in ‘same day’ car key cutting and programming.

With Newell Glass & Locks there is no fuss and no hidden costs – The price we quote for replacing your vehicle keys includes gaining entry, key cutting and all necessary programming. All of this is offered on site at you vehicle, so there is no need to waste time and cash recovering your car to a garage. It is the most economic and convenient option available for replacing stolen or lost car keys.

Now you don’t have to contact the dealer, arrange to have your car towed, hope that the garage can fit you in or in the worst case scenario, wait for replacement car keys from overseas.

Have you misplaced your car keys?

It’s often during hectic times that we are rushing around and likely to lose valuable and important items like keys. It’s therefore no surprise that we receive hundreds of phone calls and emails over the weekends and bank holidays from worried motorists that have lost their car keys. We operate from mobile workshops and will be ready to help replace those misplaced car keys. 


Make a smart decision now and get yourself a spare key so lost car keys don’t ruin your day.

How our service for lost car keys works

With Newell Glass & Locks, you will get a specialist vehicle locksmith who will come to you in the shortest possible time and on the spot, using specialist equipment and techniques, cut you a new set of keys programmed to work with your car’s ECU unit and immobiliser box. All mobile teams carry blank car keys and are able to cut them from either a key number or a lock as well as reprogram transponder chips. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg – its lost car key replacement made easy!

Not all keys work the same, whilst nearly all vehicle keys will be coded to disable a factory fitted immobiliser, some will have added features such as remote locking.  Some newer car keys may even slot into the dash or operate from your pocket without you having to do anything other than press a button in the car. The style and type of key required will affect how the key is produced and how long it will take to program.

The process:

On arriving at your car we will first gain entry, with no damage. Next it may be necessary to remove a lock to see how we need to cut the key. The correct key will be cut and chipped with the appropriate transponder for the vehicle. On some cars we can simply plug in a diagnostic tester and talk to your car to associate the new key. Most keys can be produced and fully coded within as little as 30 minutes or less.

What to do if you have lost your car keys

If you think that your car keys have been lost or stolen, you need to ensure first that you have searched high and low for them, including retracing your last steps. If you think that your car is at risk of being stolen then you should immediately inform the police and then you should call Newell Glass & Locks. Our mobile teams are all able to erase stolen keys from a vehicle’s immobiliser box and ECU. We can re-code the locks to new combinations and produce new working car keys. You wouldn’t have to worry about your car being stolen because you would be back driving it!! That alone is a good enough reason to ensure that you keep Newell Glass & Locks telephone number close to hand – 020 8952 1634. 

How Much Do Replacement Car Keys Cost?

The average price of a new car key supplied from a main dealer in the UK is £252. The table below shows the main dealers price of a new car key for the top ten best selling cars in the UK. The cheapest car key is £216 for a Volkswagen Polo, whilst the most expensive is over £330 for a Mercedes A-Class key. Replacing lost car keys with an auto locksmith will significantly reduce the overall cost.

Car modelPrice
Ford Fiesta£230
Volkswagen Golf£228
Nissan Qashqai£300
Ford Focus£220
Vauxhall Corsa£230
Volkswagen Polo£216
Ford Kuga£220
Mercedes A-Class£332
Mercedes C-Class£332

Data obtained directly from relevant UK main dealers and is correct as of November 2018. 

Factors that affect the price of replacement car keys

We have identified four common factors that are likely to have an impact on how much replacement car keys cost:

The cost of replacement car keys varies from model to model

When looking at how much replacement car keys cost it’s important to be aware that there is no set price for a particular vehicle manufacturer’s key. Different models will utilise different keys, all at different prices. For example a Ford Fiesta key could be as low as £230 whilst a Ford Mondeo key could cost £280.

A car key replacement price will also fluctuate depending on the year of registration

Similarly to the model variations, prices can also fluctuate depending on the year of first registration. For example a 2010 Vauxhall Corsa key currently costs £217, whilst a 2017 Vauxhall Corsa key costs £230.


The spec of the model may also impact the cost of a car key  

It’s not a given that all models of a certain year or mark will have the same associated cost for a new car key. Certain editions and spec upgrades could mean an upgrade to the car key. For example a Ford Fiesta 2014 could use a flip style remote key that is turned in the ignition, or it could also use a proximity style key fob, meaning the car is started by the push of a button.


Other factors that could impact car key cutting prices

It is important to remember that most main dealers are franchises and the price of a replacement car key may vary from franchise to franchise. The geographic location of the dealer could also influence the price, with dealers in the South of England likely to be the most expensive.

Main dealers in the UK do not provide a mobile service for key programming, so should you lose your only car key you will need to budget for the cost of recovering your vehicle into their workshop.

If you do not have a record of your vehicles key number and immobiliser code the dealer could possibly charge an extra fee for supplying this.

How is the price of a replacement car key from a main dealer broken down?


Whilst it may seem like some main dealers have literally plucked a price from out of the air, there is often a reason a replacement key for your car may be priced higher than expected.  When you purchase a replacement car key from a main dealer there are essentially three elements that you are paying for.

Car key prices infographic

Replacement car keys cost UK motorists millions


Losing your car keys is extremely irritating and always seems to happen at the worst possible time. According to an RAC report collated in May 2018 43% of UK drivers frequently misplace their car keys. This amounts to over 16 million drivers.  Fortunately for the majority of these drivers it is normally a temporary loss and they eventually find their keys. The report also revealed that just over 2 million UK motorists admitted to losing their keys for good. This means supplying new car keys is big business for main dealers and auto locksmith replacement car keys specialists.

The report, which surveyed 2000 UK motorists uncovered the following “key facts”:

Why are car keys so expensive?


The majority of people that have never had the misfortune of losing a car key are shocked when they discover how much replacement car keys cost. Unlike domestic house keys, car keys are highly sophisticated electronic devices that contain a PCB, transponder chip and battery.

As already explained the blank key can be expensive to purchase for the dealer or locksmith, meaning the end price to the consumer is already more than expected. A blank car key is cut using state of the art automated key cutting machines, which cost thousands of pounds to purchase and maintain. In order to make a profit the dealer or auto locksmith will factor in the cost of cutting the key.

Programming tools for coding a new key can cost tens of thousands to initially purchase, with extra ongoing costs associated for licensing and installing new software.  A cost will also be added to cover the time taken for cutting and programming the key. Anything up to one hour can be expected for such a labour fee.  

When you take all the factors into consideration and remember whoever is supplying the key will need to make a profit, the price of a replacement car key is often justified. So how much do replacement car keys cost? Probably more than most motorists would expect, but not so much when you fully understand how sophisticated a car key actually is and what’s involved in supplying one.

Five of the most expensive car keys

If you own one of these cars you DO NOT want to lose your key:

Data suggests that the cost of replacing car keys is on the rise. A ford Fiesta key cost just £162 back in 2013, but five years on the price has risen by over 41% to £230.  Also in 2013 a replacement key for a Nissan Qashqai would have cost £180, but you can expect to pay as much as £300 if you walked into a Nissan main dealer today. That’s more than a 66% increase!

The price increase could be due to the improvements in car key technology and the introduction of proximity keyless start keys, which are able to start the car without the user having to insert the key into the ignition.

Use Newell Glass & Locks to reduce the cost of replacing car keys


There are several advantages to using  Newell Glass & Locks for replacing lost car keys. The main advantage being a significant cost saving. We are able to provide new car keys for much less than most main dealers. This is due to several factors such an ability to purchase blank car keys in bulk at a much lower rate, and lower operating costs than main dealer franchises.


Let us explain a little more about our affordable car key prices. It’s worth noting that a replacement car key will always be cheaper when you still have a fully functioning key that we can work from. Our spare car keys start from as little as £70 and a fully lost key situation can be as low as £90.


How much does a car key cost at Newell Glass & Locks?


To give you a general idea of the type of prices involved we have listed a few examples:

The price of a new key will depend on several factors such as the age and location of the vehicle, so please call us for a no obligation chat to obtain the best price for your replacement key – 020 8952 1634. 


Alternatively fill in our email form to get a car key quote now

Newell Glass & Locks will always make you a considerable saving over alternative main dealer options and also save you on time and cash required to recover your vehicle to their workshop. Our prices are always lower than the price you would pay if you booked in with a main dealer.


You can be confident our prices are competitive – People always like to get the best price possible and understandably like to get a few quotes before making a booking.  This is why we constantly monitor what our competitors are charging and aim to give you the best possible price we can.

Top tip from the car key geek


“The cheapest option is not always the best option! You can buy a new TV for £70 but it won’t have the same picture quality as a slightly more expensive trusted brand option.  The same is true with auto locksmiths – If you spend long enough calling around you can probably find a lower price, but trying to save £10 on a new key could end up costing you up to £1000. It’s very easy for an inexperienced locksmith to corrupt a body control module using cheap non genuine tools”.


We guarantee:


  • A fair price
  • A top quality key
  • respect for your car
  • A great level of customer service


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Remember – We never take cash up front and the price you are quoted on the phone is always the price you pay!


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