Ever since 1995, all vehicles made and sold in the UK were fitted with an immobilizer system meant to deter thieves from stealing the cars. When the key that holds a unique id code is inserted into the ignition barrel, it will only start the vehicle if the code received from the key matches the id code of the car, assigned at the time of manufacturing. Without matching id codes between the key and the vehicle, it means that the vehicle will not start. There are various reasons why communicate Some of the reasons for losing communication between a fob or transponder key and the car varies and will detail below.


Making a new car key
After making a new car key, the immobilizer & remote functions needs to be programmed before they will enable engine start and remote central locking operation.

Fob key or transponder key is lost or stolen
An auto locksmith company should be the second call you are placing after calling the police if one, or both keys are lost or stolen. Reprogramming new car keys requires that the lost or stolen ones have to be erased from the car memory on some vehicle; this will ensure car keys not present will no longer be paired with the car.

Remote or immobiliser fault
When the synchronization between a fob or transponder key and the vehicle is lost, the reprogramming process becomes necessary in order to restore the full functionality.

Fob key or transponder key’s battery or the vehicle’s battery has run out
After replacing the battery, some keys do not require any programming. Other and especially newer models, do require reprogramming or resynchronization of the vehicle keys before they’ll resume operation.

Water penetration
Having the fob or transponder key dropped in the water accidentally brings joy to no one. As it goes with most electronic gadgets, these keys are not compatible with water either. Although some of them are watertight, most are not. Sometimes, when water gets inside the remote, it will cause corrosion which stops the communication with the vehicle. If no other damages are visible, a clean-up of the remote, having the battery replaced and reprogrammed will solve the issue at hand.

The cost of programming a car key can vary depending on the make and model and the situation. It’s always cheaper to program a spare key compared with a situation where all keys are lost.

Lost or stolen fob or transponder key is replaceable by an auto locksmith company. They can cut and program new car keys. The cost of the key will depend on the make and model of the vehicle.

A new key can be acquired even if you are no longer in possession of the original one. An auto locksmith can cut and program a new fob or transponder key even if there are no keys present.

While there are a few of these keys that can be DIY programmed, especially older models, most cars need key programming equipment in order to program a new or existing fob or transponder key successfully. On the internet, you can find various answers to this question. Without some knowledge, a DIY car key programming can develop more problems than solutions, and it could become potentially more expensive to repair than it would otherwise be. The general rule of thumb is that key programming is to be left to professionals like an auto locksmith company.


Whatever the make and model of your car, we can program duplicate car keys to work with your vehicle. We primarily provide an emergency key service, but can also program any replacement car keys that you’ve purchased from somewhere else. The service we offer is more affordable than visiting a dealership for their car key programming service.

Did you know:
Some cars like Range Rover, Jaguar, Ford, require to have a minimum of two keys programmed in order for the immobilizer system to operate.